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Food, they say, is the best way to the heart. Which is why dining is such an important part of romance. Choosing the right restaurant for a successful date night is also key, but it doesn’t have to be hard. Remember, romance is about sharing experiences with the one you love and enjoying each other’s company. So for a truly memorable evening out, look for a location that’s fun, adventurous, and maybe even a little exotic!

Miss Saigon — south of Old Strathcona off 104 Street — is one such dining experience. A favourite amongst Edmonton foodies, Miss Saigon presents a full menu of traditional Vietnamese dishes (plus a few in-house innovations) in an elegant, modern presentation. Says owner Sonny Ng, “We elevated our restaurant because we recognized that guests wanted authentic food in a classier setting.”

Ng and his chefs also carefully curated the menu, offering specialties such as Central Vietnamese Spicy Noodle Soup and Flaming Fish (for the more adventurous) as well as classics like Papaya Salad and Phu Quoc Island Pineapple Chicken.

Ng recommends taking your time to really connect on your big night out. The menu is designed to provide a four-course meal. For fun, many plates are shareable (and sharing is a great way to try something new together). Miss Saigon has many vegetarian and vegan options, so even if you and your date differ on diet, you can both feel sated.

When it comes to setting the mood, ambiance is essential. “There are lots of places where the food is good, but the service is lacking,” says Ng. Miss Saigon aims to provide a relaxed but upscale atmosphere. Servers are there to offer advice, but they will not rush you. And you won’t have to stress out over the bill either. “For a four-course meal, it is really good value.”

So whether you choose the more affordable menu options or the most extravagant, the goal is to spend a memorable and romantic night with your love — which could lead to many more dates in the future.

Whether you’re on a first date or celebrating an anniversary, you can’t go wrong with an unforgettable dining experience.

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