In life, there will always be people who seek recognition. They want to be remembered for their musical talent, athletic accolades, scientific discovery or other academic achievement. Their talent, their skill, or perhaps a rare, bizarre gift they possess is burned into the memories of society and they live on as champions.

Then there is the very specific group of people who seek a completely different kind of fame: a celebration of their ability to consume outrageous amounts of food!

If you’re in this group and live within 100 kilometres of Miss Saigon, rise up, this is your time! I present to you,


The supreme pho bowl will contain:

2 lbs meat

2 lbs of noodles and vegetables

1 gallon of broth


You will have just 1 hour to consume this monstrosity (just the “goods” – you don’t have to drink all the broth!), at which time you will be the proud winner of the following:

half-price food for the whole year!

“WINNER” T-shirt!

your name engraved on the menu wall!


Boasting the largest sized Pho in all of Edmonton (even the “regular” is larger than other “large” bowls in the city), this challenge will start off at $50 for the bowl.

As if you even needed another reason to visit Miss Saigon, here are a few more: Vegetarian and vegan options are available for Pho, stir-fried dishes are served in real coconuts and pineapples, there is a full fresh fruit smoothie, juice, and bubble tea bar, and all drinks are served in lightbulb glasses that illuminate!

Now is the time to bask in the limelight of your appetite! Bring your friends and come take a shot at this supreme Pho Challenge!

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