The biggest pho bowl in Edmonton!

Miss Saigon a great culinary value – Miss Saigon menu provides one of the best culinary values in town!

Vietnamese cuisine is all about balance. It blends the fragrance of fresh herbs like cilantro and mint with fermented fish sauce, mixing the sweet and the salty flavours of beef broth warmed overnight, and finding the harmony between hot and cold.

But at Miss Saigon Vietnamese Noodle House, just off Whyte Ave., the scales are also balanced to make sure each bowl of the traditional soup, Pho (pronounced like “fun” without the “n”), leaves customers satisfied.

A staple of the Vietnamese diet, this blend of rice noodles and meat broths (at Miss Saigon, vegetarian and vegan options are also available) is said to be inspired by French colonialists who butchered cows to make steak. Local cooks used the scraps, bones, and any other left over bits to create this signature stock.

Pho, along with other delicious Vietnamese dishes, soon made its way to tables around the world. Each region has given the dish a unique spin. Unfortunately, in certain establishments, that means less than generous portions. “In many places, you only get two to three pieces of meat,” says Miss Saigon owner Sonny Ng, “which means that most of the time you come out hungry.”

“When they come to a restaurant, the main concern of the people is to not leave hungry,” adds Ng. “That’s why we want to provide enough protein for the people.”

Which doesn’t mean you’ll leave Miss Saigon feeling overstuffed. The bowls come in three sizes tailored to your appetite: Regular (which are larger than other “large” bowls in the city), Large and XLarge. “And it’s not like XLarge is a little more than Large,” says Ng. “It’s two times bigger!” Basically, Miss Saigon’s menu provides one of the best culinary values in town.

If that’s not enough Pho for you, Miss Saigon also boasts the biggest bowl in all of Edmonton: The Pho Challenge. This supreme Pho bowl contains two pounds of meat, two pounds of noodles and vegetables and one gallon of broth. If you can finish off the soup in just one hour (and you don’t even have to drink all the broth), you’ll be rewarded with half-price food for the whole year, a “WINNER” T-shirt, and your name inscribed on the restaurant’s menu wall.

Explore the current menu or visit Miss Saigon in person at 10355 78th Ave. N.W. Your appetite will thank you.

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