A Double-Doubowl that’s distinctively Edmonton


First-ever dish at Miss Saigon offers Pho lovers best of both worlds

Soup or rice? You used to have to choose between the two when ordering Vietnamese – or, best case, hope your dining partner would be willing to share theirs!

Yet Miss Saigon in the Old Strathcona district has introduced an original concept that’s simple to understand, yet has the potential to change Edmontonians’ expectations of Pho.

Dubbed the Double-Doubowl, the dish exclusive to Miss Saigon brings the best of both worlds together by allowing customers to mix and match their favourite dishes yet keep them apart on the plate.

Guests can choose up to two items from a list of 15 different options, which are then are served up in fashionable custom-made bowls that feature central dividers.

Can’t decide between a beef brisket noodle soup or grilled chicken vermicelli bowl? Beef meatball noodle or grilled shrimp? The Double-Boubowl is a venerable Field of Dreams for Pho aficionados who want it all – or don’t want to share anymore!

In fact, with 105 possible combinations, Edmonton’s ravenous bunch could have a different lunch every day at Miss Saigon for nearly three months without ordering the same thing twice. (Somewhere in Edmonton, a challenge has been issued.) A favourite combination among Miss Saigon customers so far is beef noodle soup/grilled pork chop rice.

The best news is the price. Despite getting two meals, customers at Miss Saigon don’t pay double. The Double-Doubowl is available for just $16 compared to $12-$16 for single noodle or rice dishes.

More for less

More choice pairs well with Miss Saigon’s ongoing commitment to quality and quantity.

Renowned for a soup that regularly attracts customers from all four corners of Edmonton and beyond, Miss Saigon uniquely stews its broth overnight compared to the traditional six to eight hours. The result is a rich flavour that reminds you of home, or a time gone by – a genuine soup base that traces back to its Old World origins. 

It’ll want you coming back for more – but not too soon thanks to the generous portion sizes at Miss Saigon.

Many of today’s overly commercialized soups have scaled back on the proteins, resulting in only two to three pieces of meat. No surprise, customers are hungry again in just a couple hours.

Miss Saigon serves its portions based on weight, not on bowl size. Which means a regular-size Double-Doubowl includes enough protein that’s it’s comparable to a large bowl served elsewhere in the city.

Soup (and more) is back on the menu, Edmonton!Try the Double-Doubowl yourself and enjoy a dining experience that’s more than just a quick bite. Visit Miss Saigon at 10355 78th Ave. N.W. Or check out the new menu now available.

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