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Vietnamese Dishes​

Our obligation is to deliver a personalized dish to each customer. We take our homemade recipes from our culture and dish out each to our clients.

Pho Challenges

We accentuate on our Pho dishes. As a promotion for one our key dishes, we have developed a Pho challenge. Our challenge consists of 2 pounds of beef, 2 pounds of noodles, 4 liters of broth.

Asian Culture

To transcribe our culture, we mock our restaurant around the Vietnamese experience. Our brand has an Asian affection so each customer receives a warm welcome.

Our Story

We are about

At Miss.Saigon YEG, we value customer service and culture experience. In our restaurant, we push our focus to giving each customer a taste of our Vietnamese lifestyle. Sharing our delicious meals encourage our culture.

We guarantee

We guarantee an extraordinary experience at Miss.Saigon YEG. Each dish is handcrafted to perfection, to deliver each customer a quality Vietnamese meal. We establish a mutual connection to all customers.

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Miss. Saigon is home of Vietnamese food and living. We spread our culture to new locations to give each new customer a warm welcome.

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